Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended! It can be built into your trip package or you can purchase it separately on your own. If you have to cancel your trip or miss it due to unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance makes it possible for you to recoup some of the funds and apply funds to a future vacation package. If you do not purchase travel insurance and miss any part of your trip for any reason funds are non-refundable. If you opt not to purchase travel insurance you must sign a waiver acknowledging that you have declined travel insurance and that you’re aware of the consequences and Two Suns Travel will not be held liable for your decision.

Missed flights-it is recommended that you arrive 2-3 hours before departure time. Two Suns Travel will not be liable for missed flights or responsible for rebooking missed flights Change to itinerary- if any changes need to be made to the itinerary AFTER you have confirmed it there will be a $50 (per person) fee PLUS whatever the airline/lodging fee is for the change.
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